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My name is Marco and it all started in 2009, when I was still part of a group of temporary workers from public bodies. One day a colleague said to me: “I have to show you some pictures taken in Africa”, I was enchanted by those shots taken in the Savannah, and an inexhaustible desire to photograph everything and everyone ignited in me.

I started attending photography courses initially and then some masters who taught me to photograph couples during weddings, until I came up with my own style.

Today I am very grateful to those masters whose different points of view have made a very important contribution to my growth and artistic training.

I love to capture the naturalness, spontaneity, emotions of every single couple who joins in marriage, to return them through photographs.
I love working using natural light with almost or no use of flashes to deliver a memory, to my spouses, that is as authentic as possible and conforms to reality.